Noi Phonexayphova


To Noi, design is the creation of human achievement.


Noi was born in Uttapu, Laos, and raised in the Chicagoland area most of his life. Noi has a Professional Bachelors of Architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology. He’s worked in the industry for nine plus years and is passionate about delivering great design, and keeping his team and clients happy. Noi is a true ‘utility’ player in the industry where his skills are requested throughout various aspects of the project, ranging from space planning and design, to construction administration and quality assurance. He is known for his detail-oriented focus, and aspires to be the go-to person for multi-family residential and hospitality projects.

In his spare time, Noi enjoys hiking, indoor cycling, exploring different neighborhoods and learning new life skills. He is a fan of local craft beers, events and talent. To him, community is vital for the betterment of ones life. Noi is also a martial artist, fitness enthusiast and lover of indoor plants.