Kevin Reed



Kevin's love for baseball is surpassed only by his toddler son's who often goes to bed with his favorite baseball clutched in his hand.


After traveling and living in a myriad of places across the US, Kevin settled in Seattle. The city and area drew him in with it’s amazing natural environment and a thoughtful and meaningful respect for nature’s influence on both the built environment and the culture that springs from it. A graduate of Virginia Tech College of Architecture and Urban Studies, he has focused on designing places that fit their context and create spaces that will have a positive impact on the community around them.

Kevin’s curiosity for how things work has led him on a quest to explore ways to use tools and technology to improve the processes and communication that are so critical to executing the vision that clients and design teams develop together. Building Information Modeling is one of those methods that Kevin is passionate about and constantly advocating for as an essential part of the design process.