Kayla Verbitsky


“Everything you can imagine is real.” – Pablo Picasso


Kayla is highly interested in sustainability, biomimicry, and utilizing a holistic, integrated design approach. She believes that even the smallest design has the ability to influence on a vast scale, and so she aims to make that influence positive. She studied Architecture at the University of Hartford and has worked in the industry since 2012. At GGLO she is known for her knowledge of Building Information Technology and is a go-to person for all things Revit. She has experience in a wide range of project types including, commercial, municipal and higher education projects, wineries, breweries, multi-family housing, and tall buildings.

Kayla is a Connecticut native and was drawn to Seattle by the contrast of its stark urbanity against the rich features of the Puget Sound. She commutes by ferry, taking advantage of Seattle’s scenic network of water transportation from her home in Bremerton, where there are seemingly never-ending home improvement projects. Kayla spends her free time adventuring the PNW with her bluetick coonhound pup, Emmylou and going on outdoor bouldering trips with friends. During the rainy months of winter, she is either off exploring national parks in warmer climates or painting landscapes in her home studio.