Justin Schwartzhoff

LEED AP® Homes, Living Future Accredited (LFA)


Justin once participated in the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona... on accident.


Justin is a southern transplant who found a love of architecture while studying at the Georgia Institute of Technology. During his time in Atlanta, he saw substantial redevelopment of the city which resulted in both positive and negative effects on its community. A growing interest in sustainable design and a desire to experience an entirely new part of the country lead him to study at the University of Washington. While there he worked as a researcher for UW’s Integrated Design Lab, focusing on building energy use reduction and enhancing daylighting.

As a result of his travels, Justin’s view of architecture is a mixture of east coast theory and technology, coupled with the craft and sustainability focus of the pacific-northwest. This philosophy has shaped in him a belief that new technology and sustainable design should be considered essential to any design process. He believes that the true test of architecture is the relationship a structure has with its occupants and the surrounding community.