Jeremy Hughes



Nothing screams “potential” like a blank canvas, music, and the medium you know best. Make life your creation.


Jeremy comes to GGLO from Atlanta, Georgia as an East Coast transplant. He obtained his BFA in Architecture and M.Arch degree from Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), and has been in the field for almost two years. Due to coming from a large family as the middle child of seven, he enjoys creating spaces as an Architectural Designer that will one day have a positive impact on family living.

Jeremy is creative, artistic and craves a family style environment. He believes that the best workplaces hold a strong sense of family and involve large amounts of interaction, jokes and ease of communication. He strongly believes this brings the best work out of everyone on the team.

Jeremy is also an illustrator. He works on genres such as children’s books, imagery design, portraits and logos. Illustration always serves as a balance when things get heavy, as well as providing a way for Jeremy to fully express himself.