Jake Derry

1986 - 2014


Jake graduated from Washington State University’s College of Architecture in 2010, and GGLO was fortunate that he chose us shortly after leaving Pullman. Jake found inspiration in the changes brought about by globalization and the information age, and believed that made the role of design in the world more important than ever. He wanted to create memorable experiences for everyone who would eventually use the buildings that he helped design.

No surprise to anyone who knew him, Jake was a proponent of the “work hard, play hard” mentality and pursued his work in architecture with enthusiasm equal to that reserved for nights out with friends, skiing, climbing, mountain biking, or pretty much anything related to the water and mountains around Seattle. His enthusiasm, talent, and friendship were exemplary. Forever a member of our team, he was a dedicated designer and a courageous adventurer and, though we miss him, Jake remains an inspiration to us all.