Greg Stacy


Greg is a man of the outdoors. In winter he’s a Ski Bum always seeking to find his place of meditation on the mountain, while his summers are spent submerged in the outdoors cooling off by any body of water.


Greg has spent his time traveling along the 45th Degree latitude line. He was born in Portland, Maine, grew up in Minnesota, went to School at both University of Utah and University of Oregon, and now has landed in Seattle. Greg’s background in design was derived from Urban Design with a focus on connectivity and transportation planning in the early stages. As he got deeper into academia his work in various lighting labs and mass timber research have encouraged him to look at design that results in not just an object of space, but something that is part of a larger system that solves larger and more complex challenges.

He believes in an inter-disciplinary approach to promote social and environmental balance through design across various project types. Although the scales may vary, the ability to find balance in design can be discovered through applying research to different development methods