George Gooding

George’s interest in design comes from the notion that Architecture is uncommon ground creating common ground.


George was born and raised in Sierra Leone and lived in multiple West African countries (Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, etc.) prior to the U.S. He was raised with his grandfather who built craftsman houses, furniture, and processed timber.

George was a refugee that relocated to the U.S. to start a new journey and study Architecture. He completed his education at the Southern California Institute of Architecture.

Upon graduation George worked for a branding design/fabrication firm alongside developers and architects, and now works at GGLO Los Angeles. His diverse cultural background and working experience gives him a unique perspective to the industry.

In his teenage years George had a deep interest in African art and craft, and worked with a variety of scrap/natural materials like clay, wood, and sand. He now loves soccer, Sci-Fi movies and the trampoline.