Carissa Franks

LEED® Green Associate™
Senior Associate


Carissa’s first executed master plan was a system of forts in the Sonoran Desert, at age 5.


Educated in fine arts and communications, Carissa worked in both the gallery world and advertising before realizing her calling in architecture. Carissa chose to practice in Seattle where she found a kind of supreme urbanity that championed equitable space and site specificity.

Carissa is committed to innovating the built environment through carefully orchestrating systems of people, movement, light, texture, history, biology and technology. Her professional experience at GGLO has been in multifamily mixed-use projects, allowing her to hone her sense for opportunities that come with the densification of urban centers. Carissa’s enthusiasm for reinvigorating under-utilized urban space is represented by her most recent involvement in helping to craft the nation’s first edible forest on public land.