6/7/2012 | Posted at 12:07 am

Two Wheels are Better Than Four

GGLO participated in National Bike Month by hosting a month-long Bike to Work program. Summer is right around the bend and with the days becoming more and more rider friendly, our staff has proven that they’re up to the biking challenge.

Throughout May, GGLO staff rode over 3000 miles. A little friendly competition between in-house teams spurred on the riders to commute via cycle even during some of May’s rainiest days.

GGLO’s weekly ride winners were:
  • Robert Wright: Who was so excited to compete that he started April 30th.
  • Laura Duris: For organizing the West Seattle group ride (and being the only one to show!).
  • Jamie Morin: For participating on “Ride to Work Day”.
  • Natalie Ross: For braving rides through May’s nastiest days (a.k.a. Muddiest Butt Award).
  • Kelley LeBlanc: For many trips despite excuses made.
And the top performers for the Bike to Work program:
  • David Marshall: For riding 286 miles in total.
  • David Bramer: For completing 15 trips to work on his bike.
  • Michael Wishkoski: Rode 413 miles!!
  • Chris Libby: The “L” in GGLO made 20 trips!
An award ceremony bestowed prizes upon the top performers this past Tuesday with the winning team enjoying a treat of which any cyclist would be envious: Cupcake Royale.
Individual Winners plus Team Braking Away in all their glory. 1,077.1 miles, 79.5 trips, and 42.7% commute rate.

For more information about biking and its benefits to both health and the environment, please check out the Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation’s site.