5/15/2015 | Posted at 4:42 pm

The Bike Month Challenge & Our Week 1 Winner!

Biking is, admittedly, a pretty big deal at the GGLO office. Our firm has been an enthusiastic participant in Bike to Work Month (now Bike Month) for many years. We even invested in our own branded bike fleet. Always up for a bit of friendly competition, our staff is currently in the thick of the Bike Month Challenge where participants challenge themselves and others to ride as much as they can in the month of May.

When May rolls around, the GGLO biking community splits into several different teams who compete with each other to see who can ride the most miles, with the most trips and commutes. Our esteemed teams for Bike Month 2015 are…

  • Veloci-cycles
  • Berserk Hurtin’ Hustlers
  • Wheelvel Knievels
  • Pancake Promised Peddlers
  • The Wheady Milers

The competition is in full swing with the teams above all vying for the top spot. Nearly half of our staff is participating in the Bike Month Challenge and as of yesterday our staff has ridden 372 trips totaling 2137 miles. That is equivalent to the release of 1,875 lbs of CO2 into the air avoided (when compared to a traditional car) and is also equivalent to 100,000 calories burned. Way to go guys!

For the remaining weeks of Bike Month we will be shining a spotlight on our office’s weekly ride winners as well. Michael Lipko won our first week’s prize, and he has shared with us some insight into his riding:

What type of bike do you ride?
2014 Jamis Bosanova touring bike with two wheels. That’s just how I roll.

How many miles is your daily commute?
8 miles to the gnat’s rear-end. West Seattle via the Harbor Island Bridge to downtown. Some days I catch the water taxi back to stop at MARINATION and bask in the beer and view.

How many trips have you made on your bike this month and the distance?
22 trips of which 16 are round trip commutes. 106 miles and counting…..

Did you ride your bike before Bike Month this year, and will you keep it up?
No and yes. Before my schedule was too early and too late and I do enjoy the bus ride except now it’s getting a bit crowded. I’m enjoying the freedom of riding in and riding home.

What is the most interesting thing that you’ve seen riding your bike in Seattle?
Locks Park in Ballard. It’s fascinating watching this mechanism raise and lower boats. I could imagine a car bridge (or bike) lot doing the same thing.

Have you learned anything from biking to work?
Diesel fumes are abundant along the waterfront. Also, it takes a bit more time to get ready for the day but you have some exercise already in the books.

Have any handy tips for other riders?
Donuts + coffee