9/22/2017 | Posted at 7:52 am

Supporting LIHI’s Tiny Houses Initiative

Special thanks to Jeff Foster, Kiwon Suh, Winnie So, Jon Hall. Rachel Bishop, SaSha Henry, Nancy Linne, Brianna Mitchell and Bron Heintz for representing GGLO at this event!

On August 18, nine dedicated GGLOers joined Enterprise Community Partners and other members of the community, to build eight homes in nine hours. The volunteer effort is in support of LIHI’s Tiny House initiative to address Seattle’s homeless.

Jeff Foster, Principal at GGLO, says “If anybody has ever driven through Seattle and seen the epidemic of folks living in tents under our highways and freeways, this is a way to create a place for people to have a real roof over their head.”

The eight homes that were built are now on a Port of Seattle leased site at Interbay.

For more information on volunteering to build Tiny Homes or to donate, contact LIHI’s Bradford Gerber.

To see the builders in action, check out the video below.