8/5/2015 | Posted at 10:51 pm

GGLO at the Post Alley Hooley!

Hooley (‘hu:li): A wild or noisy party

Come on down to the Harbor Steps tomorrow, August 6th from 6-9 pm for the Third Annual Post Alley Hooley! Join GGLO and fellow hooligans as we partake in the live music, beverages, games and art installations from locals across this great city. GGLO’s Emerging Professionals Group is participating by creating a string art installation at the midpoint of the Harbor Steps. This installation is an exciting opportunity for young designers at GGLO to reach out to the community.

The EP group’s vision for the installation is to create a winding and weaving flurry of bright fluorescent chords. Taking inspiration from the activities and spaces along Harbor Steps, these chords twist hither and thither to create a composition of energy and motion. The artfully strung string will spread and connect banisters, railings and columns to create a gateway into Post Alley from the Harbor Steps.

The installation will be complete by 6 pm just in time for the Hooley to kick off. While the event will only last until 9 pm, GGLO’s installation will remain up throughout the weekend and possibly longer. Stop by, check it out and say hello to the GGLOers who have put a lot of hard work into this awesome piece!