5/26/2016 | Posted at 9:05 am

Bike Month Week 3 Winner

With 5 days left in May, Bike Month is coming to a close. With participation from 35 employees, GGLO currently ranks 71 of 732 organizations in the Bike Everywhere Challenge. Our bike riders have logged over 4,000 miles in 849 bike trips and burned over 200,507 calories!

In this week’s lottery drawing for Week 3 participation, Robert Wright was our lucky winner. Robert has contributed over 45 miles this month! We were fortunate enough to catch up with him after his ride this morning to ask him a few questions….

Robert Wright

What type of bike do you ride?

TREK 700 Multi-track, which I bought in 1994 to go on a bike-only trip to the Canadian San Juans with my bride.  Has 21 gears, and I use them all. It’s heavy, but has held up great.

How many miles is your daily commute?

From my home to the ferry dock on Vashon is 4 miles, most of it downhill.  From the passenger ferry dock I walk to the office.  The four mile ride home is the real workout.

How many trips have you made on your bike this month and the distance?

I’ve logged 13 trips so far… 46 miles

Did you ride your bike before Bike Month this year, and will you keep it up?

I ride when it’s light enough and when the highway is dry, so it’s been a good year for commute trips. I get out a lot on weekends, Vashon is a pretty place to ride a bike.

What is the most interesting thing that you’ve seen riding your bike in Seattle?

I don’t ride in Seattle—too scary for me.  But Vashon has no shortage of interesting things; there is a farm near my house with llamas and peacocks, that sort of thing.  Have you ever seen the famous bike-in-a-tree?  That’s on Vashon: http://www.roadsideamerica.com/tip/1412?offset=5

Have you learned anything from biking to work?

  1. I have a wonderful commute.
  2. Invest in a good thermal coffee mug, if you want to enjoy a hot beverage after your ride.  Secure it in place, or it’ll go flying at the most inopportune moment!
  3. Be organized to leave early, so you don’t miss the boat.

Have any handy tips for other riders?

Keep your eyes open at all times, I found $25 in the street a couple of years ago.  Really!