6/2/2016 | Posted at 12:32 pm

Bike Month Week 4 Winner

For everyone participating in Bike Month, Memorial Day was the last day to ride for miles. Seattle was full of sunshine, giving bikers no reason skip a trip! On Tuesday, the last lottery winner for this years’ Bike Month Challenge was selected….. Sam Beadel!

Sam Beadel

What type of bike do you ride?
Torker Interurban. It’s my ‘intro’ commuter bike. Only 2 years old and has served me very faithfully. (Unfortunately, the day of my big win, I had to drive to work so we grabbed one of our pretty aqua office bikes… you can tell it’s a bit big for me!)

How many miles is your daily commute?
My roundtrip is 11 miles – uphill both ways! Ok, partially uphill both ways.

How many trips have you made on your bike this month and the distance?
Official Bike Month total is 30 trips and 136 miles. Apparently that is equal to 6,654 calories and 120 lbs of avoided carbon!

Did you ride your bike before Bike Month this year, and will you keep it up?
I did! My first GGLO Bike Month was three years ago. That year I borrowed a friends super heavy bike and commuted in here and there throughout the summer. By August, I was finally ready to buy my first bike in over 20 years! Since then, I’ve been steadily building on the amount I commute. Not quite as much of a winter rider, but the rest of the year I’m generally riding between 2-4 days a week.

What is the most interesting thing that you’ve seen riding your bike in Seattle?
How about the most interesting thing I’ve transported that other people have seen? A large flower arrangement that unexpectedly came to the office on a bike day. It somehow managed to get all the way home with only a couple of bruised petals!

Have you learned anything from biking to work?
Lower your voice: Unlike the comfort of your car, people can actually hear you if gripe out loud about other commuters!

Have any handy tips for other riders?
Running red lights is rarely worth it. So often the people who waited for the lights to change catch up with the people who chose to run them anyway. That and I suppose technically it’s illegal.

This Friday, come celebrate all your hard work! On June 3rd, an End of Bike Month Party will be taking place, and everyone’s invited! Come join all your fellow bikers at Peddler Brewing Company from 4-8pm!