5/19/2016 | Posted at 9:05 am

Bike Month Week 2 Winner


Bike Month Week 2 is in the books, and this week’s lucky winner is Hans Fagerlund.

Han’s rider profile:

e9c95460-dc2e-48c8-ae51-71bc3dc44ca4_origWhat type of bike do you ride?
The bike I typically ride to work is a Specialized Secteur that I’ve had for 5 years. It’s been a great entry level road bike, reasonably priced, comfortable to ride and has decent components that have held up well. My other bike that is more for fun and messing around is my PK Ripper by SE Bikes. It’s a beautiful 26” BMX bike with a silver/chrome frame and blue anodized components that makes me feel like I’m a 14 year old again.

How many miles is your daily commute?
Coming from Ballard, 14 miles roundtrip per day via the Ballard Bridge, Interbay, Myrtle Edwards Park, Alaskan Way.

How many trips have you made on your bike this month and the distance?
23 one way trips this month so far, with only one of those being a weekend ride with a friend.

Did you ride your bike before Bike Month this year, and will you keep it up?
Prior to bike month, I was only riding occasionally on the weekends for fun and exercise. I will definitely try to keep it up because it only adds about 5 minutes more to my commute than taking the bus due to the time to shower and getting ready here at work.

What is the most interesting thing that you’ve seen riding your bike in Seattle?
I love checking out all the docked fishing boats while crossing the Ballard Bridge.

Have you learned anything from biking to work?
It’s an easy way to squeeze a work-out in before and after work, as well as great way to wake up in the morning or decompress in the evening.

Have any handy tips for other riders?
Being a former Bainbridge Islander, follow Brooks’ advice and take the boat over to Bainbridge Island or further up into Poulsbo/Kingston/Hansville. It’s the best place to ride, hands down. If anyone in the office ever wants to go over, please come ask me—I’d love to go!

Week 2 results bring our total trips to 535, and the total miles logged to 2,779! Way to go guys!