6/30/2015 | Posted at 4:44 pm

Bike Month Remembrance

It’s been almost a month since Bike Month wrapped up and our legs are only now recovering!

GGLOers celebrated May with teams competing against each other to see who could peddle to the top of the firm rankings in this year’s Bike Month Challenge. We would love to share the numbers with you:

Here is a belated congratulations to the Berserk Hurtin’ Hustlers who road a staggering 1,247 miles and 223 total trips!



The rest of the teams were not far behind and put up some equally awesome numbers. Below is a snapshot of how the teams did, how the firm did as a whole and the individuals who stood out from the rest of the pack:

Team Statistics:

  • Berserk Hurtin’ Hustlers: 223 total trips, 114 commutes, 1247 miles ridden.
  • Wheelvel Knievels: 195 total trips, 127 commutes, 744 miles ridden.
  • Veloci-cycles: 194 total trips, 127 commutes, 886 miles ridden.
  • The Wheady Milers: 175 total trips, 110 commutes, 949 miles ridden
  • Pancake Promised Peddlers: 125 total trips, 59 commutes, 1031 miles ridden.

Office Statistics:

  • 39 riders
  • 912 trips
  • 4,861 miles ridden
  • 4,278 lbs of CO2 avoided
  • 238,220 calories burned

The top three Riders:
Most trips & most miles: Bron H who rode 78 total trips, 34 commutes and an overall distance of 416 miles.
2nd Place: Justin S who rode 77 total trips, with 34 commutes totaling 268 miles ridden.
3rd Place: Ross L road 50 total trips, 34 of which were commutes for a total distance of 155 miles.