5/11/2016 | Posted at 10:53 pm

Bike Month Challenge 2016


This year’s annual Bike Month kicked off last week with bagel breakfast and lots of bikes. 37 bikes are filling up our bike room and lining our office hallways. For the most part Bike Month in our office is a friendly bike challenge where our staff are encouraged to ride as much as they can the whole month of May not just for their commute, but for fun, errands and adventure too. The excellent weather this year has certainly been helpful in keeping riders motivation strong. So far we’ve completed 1,455 miles, 260 trips, avoided 1,281 lbs of carbon dioxide emissions and burned 71,300 calories.

Divided into four teams, each rider is competing for weekly lottery prizes and overall awards at the end of the month.

This week’s lottery winner is Brooks Lockard who shares his rider spotlight:


What type of bike do you ride?

I have a GT Karakoram (circa 1994), it’s been repainted orange from its original electric purple. I have a friend who worked in powder coating who put it on their line for free. The only restriction was that I had to choose between the colors they were running at the time, a “Coffee Co.” Green (which shall go unnamed), outboard motor company electric blue or… bright orange.

How many miles is your daily commute?

Daily commute to Bainbridge Island is 8.23 miles as the crow flies, 2.3 miles round trip on the bike home to the ferry dock and then Seattle Ferry terminal dock to work.

How many trips have you made on your bike this month and the distance?

Today will be six days of round trips to work for a grand total of 13.8 miles, not a huge distance but it’s faster on and off the ferry! I had been doing about 14 miles a day three years ago which I miss, although not when soggy.

Did you ride your bike before Bike Month this year, and will you keep it up?

Try to get a ride in at least once on the weekend with my wife and kids. I plan on keeping on riding.

What is the most interesting thing that you’ve seen riding your bike in Seattle?

  1. I was riding into downtown on Pine from Capitol Hill when an electric Metro bus had the electrical pole come off the wire. The pole swung to the side where the rope caught on the I-5 overpass concrete railing and the rope yanked out from the back of the bus and shot backwards like a whip. I watched all this happen is slow motion and was happy that I was about two bus lengths back from all of the action.
  2. Was passed by a big group of people on off-road unicycles traveling in the opposite direction, I had to stop and gawk at what just went by.

Have you learned anything from biking to work?

  1. Flat resistant tires, there’s just a lot of junk on the shoulder like wire, scraps of metal and glass, prior to upgrading tires I think I changed a flat 3 times in a week once, that was the breaking point.
  2. Having a flasher on your helmet really gets the attention of driver, my old one broke and haven’t replaced it yet.
  3. You don’t have to lock your bike up on the ferry, really!

Have any handy tips for other riders?

  1. Come over to Bainbridge Island with your bike, great way to spend the afternoon, good food downtown and a nice (but hilly) ride to some of the parks