distilling the best of tempe into a refreshing urban oasis

Crescent 5th & Ash, Tempe, Arizona

Crescent Communities


3.6 acres
735,225 gross sf
304,800 sf residential
200,000 sf hospitality
260,000 sf commercial
90,000 sf retail
308 units
300 guest rooms


Architecture, Landscape Architecture

Leadership Team:

Will Castillo, Jeff Foster, Tom Sheldon, Mark Sindell


Market-Rate Multifamily, Tall Buildings, Commercial & Retail

Crescent 5th & Ash’s design emerges from the vocabulary of its surrounding environment. The Arizona canyons, valleys and mountains are represented here as the best of Tempe – a refreshing and vibrant urban oasis that enables active lifestyles, stimulates community connection and celebrates the outdoors with an overarching sense of hospitality.

Residents, hotel guests and shoppers are all connected on site through an offset stacking approach to the program’s ‘towers’, which opens views and connections from the ground floor up through the stepping facades. Leveraging the views outside the project of Tempe’s scenic natural surroundings was accomplished via precise tower positioning and molding of their forms.

The ground plane was developed with a diversity of retail and outdoor spill-out spaces to create an active day and night scene below. In contrast, restrained, water-wise and nature-inspired urban open spaces with atmospheric lighting create a setting for evening lounging, star gazing and socializing with hotel and residential pools, bars and cabanas connected via a network of walkways and grand steps above.