Kim Aguilar Gregor

Manager of Library and Archival Services


Kim’s passionate about equitable access to information, information management and the beauty of libraries. Ask her about all the resources available through libraries and not found on google!


As the Manager of Library and Archival Services, Kim is responsible for all aspects of GGLO’s internal reference and materials library, continuing education and professional development, project archives and digital asset management. Kim provides research services, assisting staff in using and learning how to apply the full range of resources available including various public and proprietary databases. Bringing a wealth of experience as a researcher, Kim’s broad understanding of corporate archives makes her a great fit for the GGLO library.

Kim has a Bachelor of Arts in US History from U.C. Berkeley and holds a Masters of Science in Information Resources Management (ALA accredited) from Syracuse University. She has been an instructor and faculty member at City University and the Lake Washington Institute of Technology where she taught information literacy to undergraduate and graduate students.