Judd Eddy

Senior Associate


“Imagination is the greatest of man’s single working powers – and the trickiest; as the intellect is frailest, the most subject to derangement, the most given to cowardice and betrayal, unless it be held steady and sane by the power of Instinct.”

Louis Sullivan


With a background in development, Judd brings his strong project management expertise to the design of mixed-use projects. His ability to coordinate the creative process with the linear demands of project delivery has been invaluable in achieving successful results.

Judd has worked both domestically and internationally, most predominately in the Middle East. His program and project management work includes vertical mixed-use projects, office, residential high-rise, retail centers, hotels, tenant office improvements, retail improvements and industrial projects. Outside of design, Judd likes to spend his time skiing, exploring alternative energy concepts and promoting the careers of his daughter the architect and son the musician.