Jakob Lawman

LEED® Green Associate™


One of Jakob's hidden talents is over 20 years’ experience playing the piano.


Jakob grew up on the lakes of Minnesota and has always felt a close connection to the water, spending much of his childhood swimming and waterskiing.  His love for travel took him on an adventure throughout Europe during his time at North Dakota State University, where he studied urban design and architecture in over thirty different cities.

After graduating with his Master of Architecture and working in the Midwest for a couple years, Jakob decided he was finished with subzero winters and headed to the Pacific Northwest. He has since fallen in love with Seattle’s urban energy, natural beauty, and endless supply of coffee shops.

Jakob has wanted to be an architect for as long as he can remember.  What started as a simple love for creating spaces grew into a passion for using design to make a difference.  No matter the size or place—from rural towns in North Dakota to the urban center of Seattle—making a lasting, positive impact in communities has become the driving force in his passion for architecture.