Amy Hartwell

Senior Associate


Every weekend Amy’s out finding the Next Great Thing at local garage and estate sales. Watch out for a mad-driving green Honda in your neighborhood.


Amy enjoys working in the collaborative team environment fostered at GGLO. Her experience, spanning over 20 years, with multi-family, mixed-use, and rehabilitation projects encompasses the full spectrum of design development, from initial project concept through construction administration. She understands the inherent social, economic, and environmental benefits that new construction and rehabilitation projects can offer a community, as well as the unique concerns involved with systems upgrades.

Her passion is working with clients to realize the value of their properties and she takes great pride in helping to improve a neighborhood’s fabric through quality development. Her goal with every project is to surpass the client’s expectations and provide the most creative, technically feasible, and energy efficient solution to their design challenges.

Her love of “putting the pieces together” has led Amy to pursue a side expertise as a costume designer, and in late October you will find her awing everyone at GGLO’s Halloween party. Ask her how it feels to wear a plaster cast for hours in creating a theater-grade fox mask.