9/24/2015 | Posted at 8:23 pm

Got Equity? – PARK(ing) Day 2015 Remembrance


Last week, GGLO’s Emerging Professionals group did the impossible – they upped their PARKing Day game and put on a stunning parklet for the people of Seattle and lucky passersby. As part of the annual PARKing Day celebration, these GGLOers put together  an entertaining, informational and engaging space that we almost wish could have just stayed there permanently.

This temporary parking stall turned park for a day provides visitors an equal chance of working out a giant 3-D puzzle that displays data about GGLO’s contributions to housing in Seattle including affordable housing and those built to Green Benchmarking Standards. The Forms and Surfaces Vector bench provides room for the crowd to watch the puzzle making, or for resting while contemplating where the next piece goes.

We have amassed a ton of great photos (thanks to Dan J for capturing these) and videos from that day  and want to share them with you: