2/5/2016 | Posted at 7:07 pm

Bay Terrace Community & Education Center Selected as Active Design Case Study


The Center for Active Design (CfAD) has selected Tacoma Housing Authority’s (THA) Bay Terrace Community & Education Center as a case study in Active Design.

The Bay Terrace Community & Education Center is the result of a revitalization effort put forward by THA and GGLO to update the distressed housing of Hillside Terrace. GGLO’s redevelopment design consists of 140 new units in a mid-rise multifamily development, a mix of townhouses and the new Community & Education Center. Now called Bay Terrace, these blocks have transformed the community with a mix of high-quality, healthy and environmentally friendly homes and amenities.

2009042_00_N216Active design highlights for the Community & Education Center are:

An emphasis on stairs and ramps throughout the building makes vertical movement central to the building experience, as opposed to a service element. The stairs and ramps encourage occasional bouts of movement for users of all ages and physical abilities.

Large glass windows around the building façade create a sense of visual intrigue and invitation for pedestrians along the street edge. Interior social spaces are wrapped in windows, bringing in daylight and outdoor views.

Spaces are designed to allow for casual social interactions. The main corridor features seating, a book nook, and is built wide enough for congregation.

Street trees and seasonal plantings along the street edge enliven the pedestrian realm.

Outdoor spaces for different age groups are integrated into the plan. A community porch next to the main entrance and a playground on the inside edge of the building have direct access to indoor social spaces.

The building is strategically sited, with proximity to key neighborhood destinations and resources.

The Bay Terrace development pursued individual LEED certifications for each of the project types within the 2500 block of Court G in Tacoma’s Hilltop Community. The midrise building is certified LEED Silver for New Construction while the low-rise Bay Terrace townhomes & flats were awarded LEED® Gold certification through the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED for Homes Rating System in 2014. The community center achieved LEED® Gold on July 1, 2014.